Why is My Dog Such a Picky Pooper?

When you are out on a walk, does your canine friend have to sniff every single blade of grass before doing his business? Or perhaps they need to circle the area five times or wander off the track far and wide before they make the decision…not to use this particular patch of dirt?

While for us humans, bowel evacuations are a fairly straightforward process; in the animal world it can be a little more complicated. But why exactly are some dogs such picky poopers? Let’s find out.

They want to send a message!!!

While for humans, doing our business is purely for elimination purposes, for animals, like dogs, it fulfills both a physiological purpose and a social one. Even though our dogs are domesticated, the wild instinct to leave their mark remains strong – and the perfect spot for their “message” needs to be found before doing their business.

It’s not the right place!!!

Some dogs just prefer a certain surface, usually soft substrates. Other dogs only like going in areas they are familiar with or have eliminated on before.

They don’t feel safe!!!

We all know someone who has ingrained routines when it comes to their personal toilet habits. Maybe you are one of them? Are you quite OK about using public facilities?

Well, just like humans, physical distractions and certain predispositions can affect dogs’ elimination preferences. If there are loud noises around, your dog might feel too nervous to go and prefer to “hold it” until they find a less-overwhelming place.

Lastly; it could be an underlying medical problem.

See your vet if your dog seems to have difficulty pooing or it’s stools are putrid smelling or  lose and it’s coupled with any other types of abnormal behavior. They are the best ones to diagnose such issues before you do the guessing game and change diets, feeding times, worm them, etc.

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