Three Basic Principles for House Training Your Dog

Owning a new pet is a joyful thing, we know from experience, but don’t get too carried away with excitement. You have to remember that having a dog is not just about cuddling and playing with him. Before bringing home a new canine friend, you should already have a plan on how to go about house training your dog.

Dog house training tips are all over the Internet. But really, who has time to go through every single one? This article will provide you with short and simple house training dog solutions that you can easily remember and instantly practice. Having said that though there are  breed specific variations as to how to manage house training problems so after reading this you are welcome to go here to find out more about your breed.
First of all, we need to understand how dogs think. They are not human beings. We often treat them like they are, but this can be a big mistake. Treating them like humans will make us expect that they think like humans. We need to always keep in mind that they are dogs and they think like dogs.

For an efficient and successful dog toilet training, keep in mind the following tips :-

1. Define His Space – The first thing to do when house training your dog is to give him a clear idea of what his space is. This could be a crate or a small bed in the corner of a room. Don’t give him too big a space. Most dog house training tips will tell you that this will encourage him to turn one corner into a pooping spot, but not if you make it their home space. Just give him enough room to stretch and move around. Make the crate or bed comfortable. Place chew toys, especially for puppies. Give your dog the idea that this is where he will sleep. Dogs don’t like to poop or pee in their places of sleep so this is ONE PLACE you won’t have to monitor for “accidents”.

2. Be Quick to Correct Wrong Behavior – As mentioned earlier, dogs do not think like humans.  If you get upset over a puddle of mess on the floor that he made minutes ago, he won’t be able to make the connection. Your dog or puppy might get the message that you are upset about the mess, but not about the fact that he defecated all over your hardwood floors. Most house training dog experts will advise you that you should be quick to punish or reward behaviors. When house training your dog, reprimand him the very moment he starts to relieve himself in an inappropriate place. You don’t have to hit your pet. A stern voice is enough to let them know you’re upset. In the same way, shower your canine friend with praises at the exact moment he is doing something good, (like peeing out on the lawn). After repeated praising this will encourage him to repeat this good behavior time and time again and in a short while it is a learned trait.

3. Establish a Schedule – Most dog toilet training tips will tell you that dogs love consistency. This is very true. Don’t slack off on your routine or all that training will be for nothing. Walk your dog at the same hours every day. The best times to walk them are in the morning, after their meals, and before they go to bed. Observing a consistent schedule will eventually let them know what times of day they can expect to relieve themselves.

House training your dog will be an easier affair for you and your canine friend if you just remember your dog has to learn what are “the right places to do their business” and “what are the wrong places to do their business”. Initially this will involve some vigilance from you but in a short while you will forget that it was ever a problem by simply keeping these three basic rules in mind through the learning phase.


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