Just a little about the “doggie” background behind Dog Training Rewards. My wife and I started showing and breeding pure bred dogs in our teens, before we were married. We also both owned dogs through our younger years when we lived with our parents as children and early teens.

This continued for the next 20 odd years and we achieved some lasting memories and achievements in our hobby, although our success was limited due to our commitment to keeping ALL of our dogs, even the ones that were show duds, meaning we only had room for a limited number of “stars”.

Despite this, and starting from the late 1960’s with Afghan Hounds, we bred and owned Best In Show winners at All Breeds and Breed Specialty Level. We also owned a Saluki in partnership that was a huge success in the show ring in the 80’s, including Breed Specialty Best In Show.

I was also a qualified Dog Show Judge in the Hounds group.

At the same time we have a background of experience in the obedience training area of dog showing, especially as my In-Laws were Obedience Judges and Stewards. They also became fairly legendary in obedience by gaining obedience champion titles with breeds of dogs that were considered very hard to train at that time. (Afghan Hounds and Dachshunds).

In addition to the breeds above our families (between us) have also owned Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Welsh Corgis, Airedale Terriers, Schnauzers, a Greyhound, a Boxer, Pomeranian’s and a Cocker Spaniel as well  as Aussie Terriers and the odd mixed breed, (now called designer dogs).

Susan with Ella

Susan with our girl Ella

My Grandfather was also a serious dog breeder in the 1950’s and early 1960’s and pioneered the introduction of Welsh Corgis and Airedale Terriers into Australia. His Corgis came from the same breeder as Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth’s kennel of Corgis and were very well known and sought after at that time.

We have NEVER not owned a dog in our family, from before our marriage to the present day, and as well as rearing many four legged family members we also reared two sons who are now married with children of their own. (And guess what … they both own dogs!)

Only a few years ago we lost our much loved Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Georgie, who we loved dearly. She passed away only a few weeks short of 15 years. After a period of mourning … over 2 years …. we decided to go back to the breed we love the most and we now have a Saluki lady in our family, and we are considering a rescue Greyhound or maybe another Saluki for company  …. or maybe a Whippet. As you might guess, our first love is sight hounds. This 2 year break was the only time we have never had a dog in our home.

Now don’t get the idea that, with our background in showing, that our dogs have only been a means to an end about achieving notoriety with show winning dogs. Even when we had a number of dogs in our showing heyday most of them were show rejects that “retired” to some comfortable area of our home for the rest of their natural life. I guess the best description we have ever heard of our devotion to our four legged family members comes from our own family, who regularly  suggest that (when they pass) if they are reincarnated back to planet Earth in another form they want to come back as our family dog.

We decided to publish this web site, www.dogtrainingrewards.com , after we started looking on the internet for some information relating to canine psychology, canine intelligence, canine nutrition, alternative canine health treatments and to research the latest dog training techniques. We noticed that there are a LOT of web sites that profess to hold information on just about every facet of owning a dog and managing a dog, as well as promoting a plethora of dog products.

We also noticed (from our point of view of being very experienced dog owners) that much of this information was very basic and did not really have enough “depth” or elaboration on any specific topic to be useful to anyone looking for genuine honest help with their dog training and / or train the trainer issues. In fact most of it could be found on the back of a packet of dry dog food; or at least in the free information booklets given out with the more expensive canine nutrition products.

Now to the “CLANGER”!!

It did not take us long to realize that many (in fact most) of these Dog Training websites are owned by experienced internet entrepreneurs / marketers who know little or nothing about dogs or dog training in general; in fact they are VERY INEXPERIENCED in this area of knowledge; to the point where much of what is written is pure drivel, half truths or just copy /pastes of poorly written and researched information.

They have their “content”, (information articles), written by ghost writers who are most likely equally as inexperienced and so they don’t even know if the article content is accurate or not; (and it mostly IS NOT). ……… I’LL BET MOST OF THESE PEOPLE HAVE NEVER EVEN OWNED A DOG !!

Whatever route they have taken to publish their websites about dogs, the bottom line is …… they ARE NOT experienced dog people, they just want you to purchase products related to dogs that they are promoting as affiliates.

Most  of them probably aren’t out to deliberately misinform you, they just DON’T KNOW what they don’t know!! They don’t realize that it is legitimate science behind dog training and dog psychology and they believe that dog ownership and related information about dog training relating to companionship are basic enough areas of knowledge for anyone to write about, (after a bit of internet search engine research). AGAIN … they just DON’T KNOW!

We decided that there was a place on the internet for a web site that truly helped novice and intermediate dog owners gain information and knowledge on how to have the perfect relationship with their four legged companion, as well as understanding just HOW CLOSE our four legged companions are in their personalities to humans.

We don’t pretend to be experts, we are not the source of the information on Dog Training Rewards (although we reserve the right to give opinions). We just know that we know enough to sort the useful information from the drivel and also provide content about dogs that appears to be VERY scarce on many of the (fake) dog related websites that dominate the internet!!

We DO have THAT experience  ….. a lifetime of it!!

So just to reiterate ….  this content is not something we have dreamed up from our lifetime of experience.

It is accurate, it is from contributors who are experts and the products that are advertised from time to time are always QUALITY. We have used our experience only to source the BEST information about dog psychology, dog training tipsgeneral dog advicedog training techniquesdog healthdog nutrition advice and dog products in general available on the Net. (Yes, we WILL be researching and suggesting products related to dog ownership).

We called this information website DOG TRAINING REWARDS because we know from our lifetime of experience, that as a DOG owner you have the right to access REAL knowledge resources to “educate” you about your doggy companion. By utilizing this information you will come to know the REWARD of owning a well trained dog; and MORE IMPORTANTLY your dog will receive the benefit of having a well trained owner.

Your DOG TRAINING REWARDS will follow on from having a relationship of true companionship with your four legged family member.

All the best,

Website Administrators, Stephen and Sue