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This is the place where you will find useful dog training tips to help you create the perfect relationship between you and your four legged companion. If you are wondering why this Web-Site is called “DOG TRAINING REWARDS” then you are about to find out some dog training secrets that reward you by contributing to you having a great relationship with your well trained dog. If you don’t have a fulfilling relationship with your dog then you don’t have a companion and that means you are truly missing out on something special; it means you really do need some dog training tips and advice from recognized dog training experts.  After all; what you REALLY want from being best mates with your dog is to be rewarded with the unconstrained, unrestrained and unconditional love that only a dog can give to a human being.

If you are new to dog ownership you have probably already realized that raising a dog from a baby puppy to a mature adult, has all the same challenges you face (or imagine you would face) raising a baby human to adulthood. It may happen a little quicker but that doesn’t mean it is easier. In fact some would argue that the “break-neck” speed with which your puppy changes makes it equally as hard as raising a child.

Your puppy’s quickly growing physical appearance is not always matched by growing mental capabilities. And just like a child, if you don’t know how to react to your puppy or young adult’s “devil may care” attitude to the World then you can have a real problem on your hands. What you hold sacred, what possessions you treasure, what you regard as “living standards” are absolutely NOT the same as your doggy friend.

Every single dog owner in the World has found this out one way or the other.

Every single dog owner in the World has had and will have some sort of reaction or way to deal with this absolute fact !! Learning some doggy basics from reading the dog training tips available at “DOG TRAINING REWARDS“, so you can do some dog training at home is the first step towards managing the canine / human compatibility challenge.

How you deal with this “difference of understanding” between your dog and yourself will determine whether this relationship is going to be the best it can be for both of you; or whether it will eventuate into one of the many less fortunate and less enriching relationships that are all too common between man (or woman) and dog. If you are like me you will find yourself soaking up any information you can about dogs and dog behavior (because it is a fascinating area of research). You might find yourself surfing away from this site to find other information so let me help; go here for a starters, you will find absolute loads of useful guidance about training, nutrition, etc. as well as some detailed breed specific details that you probably didn’t even know about your breed.

When you utilise some of the dog training tips found here and begin to know what makes your dog “tick” you can use your knowledge to mold your beloved hairy mate into a happy, well adjusted animal that is a pleasure and a privilege to spend time with. Dog training IS NOT about dominating your dog. It is about creating an environment where your dog understands that you are the pack leader, and YOU create this understanding with patience and love, (and knowledge). Dogs are just as easily psychologically affected by the way we treat them and train them as are humans who are subject to poor parenting, mistreatment or some sort of brain-washing in their early formative years.

So let me reiterate !  The DOG TRAINING REWARDS that ALL dog owners should aspire to are the many facets of the relationship that you can grow with your dog through correct care and the correct application of social and physical education to that rapidly changing bundle of energy and devilment.

The “take home” from being a competent dog owner is understanding that dog training is actually OWNER TRAINING!!

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